What is Gimkit?


Detail about GimKit:

GimKit was made by the students and it helps the students to take part and act together with their educational experience. So GimKit is a live learning game that works for collections as well as free study. The students will answer the questions on their own devices at their step through this platform. So this platform is also useful for earning money and students earn after giving correct answers. But the incorrect answer to the question will cost you, so be careful while using this game. So students can put into their money by buying promotions and power-ups. GimKit is a great invention because an online game and it has grown in fame among teachers and students worldwide. So it is a design for learning to support classroom thoughts and encourage group effort and teamwork. Also, in GimKit we don’t need to host a live game, etc.

What cool thing have we seen in GimKit?

We have seen many cool things when we use the GimKit with the students at their homes and other places. So here are some cool things that we have seen on this platform:

The difference between GimKit Pro and GimKit:

So GimKit Pro is very different from GimKit because the basic GimKit is free but others have limits. In basic we can play many feature modes with as many students as we want. And also restores and collects reports, everything we need as much as possible. But basic limits the number of game modes you can play and also we rotate our free modes. So there are three free common modes at any given time. But GimKit Pro provides you with limitless access to all game modes and we can say those pro exclusive. And on this Pro version, we can access assignments, which lets us allocate tackles as homework. So students can play separately on their own time. And also Pro versions permit you to upload images and add audio to your question.

How much is the cost of free and premium GimKit?

GimKit provides us with two plans, of which one is a basic free plan and the other a Pro version. So the basic plan is free and it needs free educators to account for and provide a limitation. And also to unravel the full potential of this platform you need to advance. But the pro version provides an assignment feature and adds media to your questions. So per year, the cost is $59.88 and the monthly cost is $9.99 for the GimKit.

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