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Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department Novel: Thrilling

Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department novel is a novel for fans who want excitement and fun. Its characters and thrilling actions can enforce you to love this novel. Readers can enjoy this light novel. The novel consists of powerful characters fighting with others. Students of Warrior High School fight with the monster in the dungeon. So Warriors have to fight with them in order to protect their allies.


Basically, Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department novel is a school in the novel that trains its students to fight with different monsters to save their allies. Students (Warriors) have different characteristics. This novel is for those readers who want to be pleased by reading any novel. In this novel, you will read that there are a lot of magical weapons used. The school trains the warriors to go there and fight with them to protect their school.

This novel consists of multiple chapters in order to create excitement for the readers. From chapter 1 to every next chapter, you will see a lot of hurdles for the warriors in the dungeon. They encountered there many magical artifacts. After crossing many barriers they reached the heart of the dungeon with the big creature. They fight with the strong and massive creature.

Characters of Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department Novel

Characters in Warriors High School Dungeon Raid Department novel have diverse personalities and powers. The Novel’s characters consist of powerful students and they show that they are vigilant in the dungeon. Kira is an expert fighter of the school. She used her fighting skills in the dungeon.

Ryoma Nagare is the swordsman in the group of students. Ryoma Nagare uses a sword and the name of the sword is Sword of Light. He uses his sword to kill monsters.

Other members are Kaito, Shiro, and Mei in the company of students. They all have strong arms. But they also have some unique weaknesses.

One of the main things in the novel is the characters in the novel. Fighters have unique skills.

Remember one thing that group of people who goes on any adventure or fight with monsters must have different and unique powerful skills. By using their unique skills they can conquer the fight. Because diverse skills can be helpful for your team.

You will see in many films or movies that any team who wants to do something big in life. The team must have members with unique skills.

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Brief overview: Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department Novel

A brief overview of warrior high school dungeon raid department novel is that a group of students who trained in the school goes to the dungeon to fight with the monster. The light novel “Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department” is for those who like the dungeon-crawling genre.

A team of students goes to the dungeon. A dungeon is an underground prison. The dungeon contains treasure. Warriors (Students) did preparations to go into the dungeon and fight. Students fight with the monster as well as collect treasure. Students found many magical weapons. They collect them for the purpose that they can fight in an easy way. They go into the deep of the dangerous dungeon. There is another hurdle when they take a new step. They found multiple magical relics.

Students are strong-hearted, humans. After facing many hurdles they realized that their school principal was also involved in this whole scenario. The principal of the school created the dungeon with the company of sorcerers. They have not done the job. They have to fight with the biggest monster in the center dungeon. When they reached the chamber, they encountered a big monster. Monster has a powerful body. But the group of students fight with that big monster full of power and use their skills and finally defeat the large monster.

The group of students has become heroes for the world and the governing body of the school took strong action against the principal and remove her from the position. Sorcerers were charged and arrested.


Overall, Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department novel is a good novel for the fans. It is full of excitement, fun, and thrilling actions in order to engage the fans from the beginning to the last chapter. In this novel, strong characters with their new and unique skills. Magical and stunning artifacts. Many chambers in the threatening dungeon.

This a message for people and especially for students that they should not be frightened and hopeless against undesired situations in their lives. It does not matter what type of situation is they must perform well until they achieve the goal.

You will enjoy and like this novel.

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