Pixwox: An application for Instagram

Pixwox is a powerful application to see updates and download videos and pictures of a particular user on Instagram. Pixwox gives you the opportunity to watch videos and images on Instagram without logging in. There is a question that may arise in your mind that watch stories of any user on Instagram is secret? The answer is yes, because if you want to see their stories secretly and don’t want that they are aware of your activity then this is a secret. You can download their videos and pictures on Instagram and can repost them.

Introduction to Pixwox

Pixwox is a third-party application that enables you to watch users’ stories on Instagram without logging in. There are some restrictions on Instagram regarding watching stories and downloading them. If you want to download your favorite video or picture that is Instagram then you can use pixwox application. Pixwox gives you a way to easily access someone’s stories and download them. It also enables users to repost their favorite stories.

It has no logging requirements to watch stories on Instagram. Pixwox also gives the ability to download your favorite videos and pictures easily. One of the wonderful aspects of pixwox is that it enables users to download multiple files at the same time. This wonderful feature of pixwox is introduced to save your time. As this is a third-party application so you can watch the stories and picture invisibly. If you have downloaded your desired pictures or videos from Instagram then by using this application you can repost them on your Instagram story.

Benefits/Pros of Pixwox

Some benefits or pros pixwox are mentioned below in order to tell you how this application gives you facility. Pixwox has several benefits regarding its best features to serve its users. After knowing all these advantages, use pixwox just for the right purpose.

  • The lack of login requirements actually tells the users to not worry about login. It enables you that you can watch stories, updates, and pictures of someone without login into your own account.
  • Now, users can easily watch the stories of other people without showing visibility. But another useful feature for users is that they can quickly download their desired videos, stories, and pictures. Download them in a high-quality.
  • After downloading your favorite videos or images, you can repost those videos and images.
  • Pixwox is a secure website. Users can use it without hesitation.
  • It does not show your visibility to the people on Instagram when you use it.  

The advantages of pixwox help you to enjoy your favorite videos, pictures, and stories.

Disadvantages/Cons of Pixwox

Despite the wide range of advantages of this application, it also has some drawbacks. Every application has benefits but it has drawbacks also.

  • Pixwox is not very recognized on different social media platforms.
  • It is sometimes unable to search for the desired account on Instagram.
  • The rating of this website is low.

These are some drawbacks of this website that can create a great impact on any website’s performance. Rating of any website or app is a very important aspect of success.

Basic Steps to Use this Website

Now, some basic steps that tell you about how to use this website.

  1. At first, you have to copy the account username of a specific person to watch favorite stories.
  2. After copying the account’s username, open the pixwox website and paste the account’s username into the search box of pixwox. Click the search button to search.
  3. Once you have entered the username, now pixwox will automatically load your favorite videos and pictures.  
  4. After loading your desired videos and images will be shown on the website. Then Visit the post pages.
  5. To download videos & images, there is also a download button to quickly download your loved videos or pictures.

This website is so simple and user-friendly interface in order to give users an easy way to use this application. This is a secure website because security matters.

Some Recommendations

  • Do not use this website for the purpose of blackmailing. Because if you want to use this website in order to get the data of someone then you should do that. It is an immoral act.
  • Use this just to watch, download and repost favorite stories to show your current feelings.
  • You can also use this to give a public awareness message to people.


Pixwox has amazing features for users. It may be helpful for those users who want to download their favorite stories. If you don’t have much internet service to watch stories online then use this application with the internet and download the stories you like and watch them offline again and again after downloading. Overall, a good website for Instagram users.

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